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Here is a pinata I have made for my son’s 7th birthday party!


First I did the whole paper mache a balloon, I found the recipe online here: added a bit more water than the recipe called for it seemed to thick for me.

IMG_5306 After that I added the ears, nose and mouth with cardboard. I used kleenex and pudding boxes. 


After that dried I painted it white, the majority only needed one coat of paint.


I used light green tissue paper for the green of the pig. I needed to do 2 layers since the first one showed the white of the paint.


Once that all dried I made the crown out of construction paper, paper and a little white paint. I added the ear and nose detail using printed green paper.

King PigThen I added the eyes using just plain white paper with drawn on black pupils using sharpie marker. The eye brows are also printed green paper but a different colour than the ears and nose.



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