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Chocolate Cherry Berry Cake


Here is a cake I made from Scratch, I got the recipe  from :

Then I added my own twist to it (The Cherries and berries) it turned out really good, except you need a glass of milk to go with it.


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My Son’s Valentine’s lunch

I thought I would be creative this year, and do something special 🙂IMG_1968 IMG_1964 IMG_1966

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Butterfly cupcakes

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Marble Cupcakes with cherry pie filling! Yum!

Marble Cupcakes with cherry pie filling! Yum!

I made these recently, getting the idea from some photos of marble cakes I saw on Pinterest, and my son’s love of Black forest cakes (because of the cherries). Since it was a Halloween themed party I decided to mix the two(my son never eats the cake at his own parties), and they turned out REALLY good and even my son ate the whole thing! These here where the trial version for the ones I made for his birthday party. The ones at the party where a complete hit.

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