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Here is a pinata I have made for my son’s 7th birthday party!


First I did the whole paper mache a balloon, I found the recipe online here: added a bit more water than the recipe called for it seemed to thick for me.

IMG_5306 After that I added the ears, nose and mouth with cardboard. I used kleenex and pudding boxes. 


After that dried I painted it white, the majority only needed one coat of paint.


I used light green tissue paper for the green of the pig. I needed to do 2 layers since the first one showed the white of the paint.


Once that all dried I made the crown out of construction paper, paper and a little white paint. I added the ear and nose detail using printed green paper.

King PigThen I added the eyes using just plain white paper with drawn on black pupils using sharpie marker. The eye brows are also printed green paper but a different colour than the ears and nose.



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Treat bags and the parachute ghosts

Treat bags and the parachute ghosts

Here are the treat bags I did up and the parachute ghosts. The treat bags I got from oriental trading co. they are the little white back packs, I drew each design on the bags to give them a nice halloweeney feel. My son loves parachute guys, so my mother suggested parachute ghosts, so I made some with scrap material I had lying around. The kids seemed to love them.

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Marble Cupcakes with cherry pie filling! Yum!

Marble Cupcakes with cherry pie filling! Yum!

I made these recently, getting the idea from some photos of marble cakes I saw on Pinterest, and my son’s love of Black forest cakes (because of the cherries). Since it was a Halloween themed party I decided to mix the two(my son never eats the cake at his own parties), and they turned out REALLY good and even my son ate the whole thing! These here where the trial version for the ones I made for his birthday party. The ones at the party where a complete hit.

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